It is understood that the size of the domestic production of faucet manufacturers nearly 3,000, as the market access threshold is low, the manufacturers product quality varies greatly, the big difference between the production process, from raw materials to finished products, each procedure has the potential contamination, such as the production process over the water element material Copper, zinc alloy, the second plastic molding material, and some even use toxic glue for sealing leaks in order to achieve the purpose watertight.

Compared to some of the still little-known brand, the best faucet brands products or more credible. Raised against the consumer does not know how to choose, sanitary ware professionals recommend choosing brand products. 'One big brands when the brand has accumulated sufficient experience with this product, the production process will be strictly for each procedure, not in order to reduce costs and cut corners. On the other hand, once problems are detected, the big brands appropriate service channel for consumers to reflect the situation, such as the problems of a number of brands, would react according to the relevant test reports published by the media, and to actively participate in detection.'

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However, I have to say that while the brass faucets contain lead, but most of the brands on the market are standard faucet, consumers need not worry too much at the time of purchase.

It should be noted is that consumers usually should avoid drinking tap stuck in the 'overnight water', if a long time without water, turn on the tap should be turned on again for some time, until the water remaining in the water drained before use.

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